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Abu Simbel Car Rental

Abu Simbel Car RentalAbu Simbel city is located in southwest of Aswan and is noteworthy for its architectures. Abu Simbel city also houses the UNESCO listed world heritage site called as the Nubian Monuments, which attracts tourists from all over the world to this city each year. The beautiful lake Nasser is located in this very city. Choosing a car hire to travel the Abu Simbel city means easy and comfort traveling.

Abu Simbel City- Highlights

The biggest attractions of Abu Simbel city are the two temples, the Temple of Ramses and the Temple of Nefertiti. These two temples are symbol of the Egyptian grandeur and creativity. The detailed chiseling of the statues and the design of the temple can be seen at the entrance of the temple. The Temple of Ramses is dedicated to three deities Ra-Harakhty, Amun and Ptah. While the other, Temple of Nefertiti is dedicated to the goddess of love and beauty. If you have an eye for detail, then the inscription on the temple walls could give you an observing time.
Beyond the temple tourists could enjoy the beauty surrounding the region. Gourmet and delicious cuisines are served in typical Egyptian style in the restaurants located near the temple. The most used mode to travelling in Abu Simbel city is car hire. With a car hire travelers can spend more time observing the beautiful temples, which otherwise would not have been possible.

Why Choose Egypt Car Rental?

The mystery and beauty of the Abu Simbel can only be discovered by hiring a car from Egypt Cars Rental. Egypt Cars Rental has reasonable price and greater approachability of the Abu Simbel city. Easy navigation and comfort is given by Egypt Cars Rental so that you could travel without having any hassles. Egypt Cars Rental also extends its online booking services so that before starting your journey you have your transportation facility ready.

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